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It is in July 2018 that Mido opens the doors of Japan in Cannes to invite exceptional flavours. Our head chef Christopher Brugnaux and his team prepare unique and surprising dishes with passion.

A contraction of “Midori”, which means the colour green in Japanese, Mido is a relaxing place with a design that combines modernity and tradition to take you on a journey to the land of the rising sun.

Mido comes from the contraction of “midori” in Japanese, translated as “green color”, which can be found everywhere in the decoration. On the plate? Shrimp tempura with spicy aioli, spinach salad, Peruvian tiradito-inspired sashimi, sake deglazed chicken with terriyaki sauce. As an accompaniment: rice pudding with coconut milk flavored with jasmine, pakchoï cabbage. And for desserts, grilled pineapple on the barbecue or a frozen Mochi.


Japanese flavors

A palette of fragrances where the attention and precision given to the preparations consecrate the most unexpected combinations of Japanese flavors.


Christopher Brugnaux

The chef of this atypical cuisine? The young Christopher Brugnaux who cut his teeth in gourmet restaurants in Saint-Barth ’and at Gray d'Albion in Cannes. “When the founders told me about the project, I was second at the restaurant at La Môme Plage but immediately won over by this new challenge and this new culinary approach. I like challenges, I love Japan, and I love judo. I'm going for it ! », Explains Christopher Brugnaux. Challenge met since the Mido restaurant has succeeded in retaining a clientele of locals and seasonal workers and attracting tourists… Christopher's secret to last? ``We mustn't stop there! We must constantly reinvent ourselves, renew ourselves, create and question ourselves on a daily basis. All this could not be done without the team with which I work in the values of respect and humility ``. His motto: knowing how to surpass oneself is knowing how to stay good.



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